Seizures and Social Security Disability

I have many clients asking me if they qualify for social security disability if they have a seizure condition.  The first question I ask them is what type of seizures do you have?  Here are some of the different types of seizures:

Grand Mal Seizures:  They feature a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.   There are 2 stages.   In the first stage, the tonic stage, you lose consciousness.   In the second stage, the clonic phase, you have muscle contractions.  You may also have the following symptoms:

Loss of bladder or bowel control
Unresponsiveness after contractions
Severe headache


If you have

Neck Injuries, Herniated Discs- Social Security Disability

I often see clients with neck problems. The diagnosis could be herniated discs, disc bulges or many other conditions. Many people don’t even know what exactly is wrong with their neck. Here a few of the most common problems:

Herniated Discs- this occurs when a disc degenerates and breaks down- the inner core leaks out through the outer portion of the disc. Herniated discs can be mild or they can be severe. It’s the severe herniated discs that are usually the most painful although people can still experience neck pain if they have mild herniated discs. Many of my clients end up seeing pain specialists in order to deal

COPD And Social Security Disability

What is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?  It’s a progressive disease that makes it difficult to breathe.  Some of the symptoms are:

Coughing (may produce large amounts of mucus)
Shortness of breath
Chest tightness


How can you obtain social security disability benefits if you have COPD?  The first way is to meet a listing.  You can find the listing here:

It is difficult often to meet a listing.

The other way is to show social security that you cannot work a full-time job based on your age, education and past work experience.  Generally, the older you are the easier it becomes