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What is the difference between Social Security Disability (SSD) and SSI?

SSD- social security disability is for those individuals who have earned enough credits through their jobs to qualify for SSD.  Generally, you have to have 20 credits if you are over 30 years old.  You are eligible for SSD even if your spouse has a large income or if you have resources such as stocks, bonds, and bank accounts. Resources don’t count for SSD eligibility.

SSI is for those individuals who don’t have enough work credits and who also have very limited income and resources. For 2021 the income limit is $1310.00 per month for non-blind individuals. Individuals are allowed $2000.00 in resources and a couple is allowed $3000.00 in resources. The house you live in does not count as a resource. You may also own one car per household.

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Please remember that this is just general information, and everyone’s situation is unique. This article should not be considered legal advice.