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I Should Be Approved- My Doctor Said I’m Disabled!

You need more than just your doctor’s statement that you are disabled in order to be approved for benefits. You need to show that you have symptoms from your medical problems that will cause you to be unable to work your past job or any other full-time job that exists in large numbers in the economy. What jobs you can do are based upon your age, education, transferable skills and residual functional capacity (RFC). If it is shown that you can only work part-time then you may still be eligible for social security disability. You only have to show that you cannot work a full time, 40 hour a week, job. However, if you are working part-time it may be more difficult to prove to an ALJ (administrative law judge) why you can work part-time, but not full time.

Please remember that this is just general information, and everyone’s situation is unique. This article should not be considered legal advice.