SSA Already Has My Medical Records- So Why Worry?

Part of a social security attorney’s job is to obtain the client’s medical records. I have had clients question me on why I need to obtain medical records when the SSA office has already requested their medical records. While it is true that the SSA office has requested the medical records, it does not mean that they have received them. If the doctor or hospital does not send the records the SSA office will not subpoena the records. It is important that you make sure that the social security office has all of the medical records it needs so it can make a favorable decision in awarding you disability benefits.

The SSA office will also only obtain records when you initially apply for social security disability benefits. If you are turned down for benefits and appeal the decision it will not obtain any records from the time of denial until your disability hearing. The records during this time period could be crucial in the determination of whether or not you are eligible for disability benefits. It is vital that these records be obtained and submitted to the social security office before your hearing.

Medical records are very costly to obtain. Here in New York medical providers can charge up to .75 per page to copy the records. As many records can consist of hundreds of pages you can see how the cost can accumulate. Thus it is very important to know just what records to obtain to keep the cost of medical records low. This is also important if you hire an attorney because the client is responsible for the cost of obtaining the medical records. You do not want your attorney to obtain every single record available if the records do not help you support your case.

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Please remember that this is just general information, and everyone’s situation is unique. This article should not be considered legal advice.