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They Turned Me Down For Failure to Follow Treatment!

You must follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment or else you may be denied disability benefits.  However, there may be some acceptable excuses for why you failed to follow treatment.

Accepted Excuses:

  • You have terrible side effects to the recommended treatment such as a severe reaction to a prescribed medication.
  • You have no health insurance and cannot find a doctor to treat your condition.
  • You cannot afford treatment.
  • You have a mental disability that prevents you from following prescribed treatment.
  • Your doctor recommends surgery and you have a legitimate fear of such a procedure.
  • You have a lower IQ which prevents you from understanding and following the doctor’s prescribed treatment.
  • You need assistance in order to follow the recommended treatments, but no one is available to assist you.
  • Your religious beliefs conflict with the recommended treatment.

This is not a complete list but used to show you some of the acceptable reasons that you may have for failure to follow your doctor’s recommended course of treatment.

If your doctor’s recommended treatment would still not enable you to work a full-time position then the matter of failing to follow prescribed treatment should not cause you to be denied disability benefits.

Please remember that this is just general information, and everyone’s situation is unique. This article should not be considered legal advice.