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Can you help me with my social security disability application or do I have to wait until I’ve been turned down for disability benefits?

I can help you fill out the application- by making sure that the social security administration has all of the necessary information you have a better chance to be approved for benefits.  I help you do the initial application online to make sure the information on your application is complete. I then set up a SSI phone interview if you are applying for SSI benefits. You must have a phone or in person office interview with the social security administration if you are applying for SSI. However, the interview is just to go over your finances. I have already submitted all of the important information on the online application. I forward all of the necessary documents to the local social security office by both fax and mail.

I also assist you in completing the approximately 28 page New York state paperwork that you will receive concerning your functional limitations and work history. I help you complete ALL of the paperwork. You can complete the application by yourself, but if you are denied benefits you must appeal the decision.   That may mean that you have to wait for up to 14 months for a hearing to get approved.