I Provide the Following for Your Social Security Disability Application

I meet with you or have a phone conference in which I gather up all of the information necessary to complete an online application and/or social security disability report.  I fill out the applications and reports online- you don’t have to go near your computer.

I call the local social security office and set up the phone interview that is required for an application for SSI- supplemental security benefits.

I fill out the New York State function reports and work history- these usually total 28 pages.  I never mail these forms out and ask you to fill them out yourself.

I contact the local caseworker and confirm that all of your medical records are in the file.  I let the social security administration obtain your medical records for free.

If medical records are missing I follow through to make sure your file is complete.

I advise you on how to prepare for a consultative exam.  I’m more than happy to answer all of your questions.