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There is a lot of work involved with completing the paperwork for a social security disability application or appeal. I handle all of it for you.

For an application, I complete the application online with the client either in person or by phone. I handle all of the typing and input.

I also complete the paperwork that is sent by the NY State division of social security. This paperwork is about 28 pages. It consists of a function report, work history and often additional questionnaires. Many attorneys make you complete the paperwork. I type out and complete the entire packet with you either by telephone or in person.

I complete all appeals online as well. I handle all of the typing and input.

I order all of the medical records necessary for your case.

I respond to all letters from the social security administration, if necessary, as well.

You never have to worry about completing paperwork or making sure it is submitted by the necessary deadlines.