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Why do I need to see a specialist? I see my primary doctor all the time!

You don’t have to see a specialist, but many times it will assist you with your case.  Medical records are extremely important in helping a person obtain social security disability benefits.  If the applicant has no medical records or very few medical records the person may be denied benefits on that basis.  If a person only has records from a primary physician that may also be a reason that the person is denied benefits.  That is because the records from a primary physician may be very brief and lack detail.  Often, they do not give enough details to support a person’s disability case. 

A specialist on the other hand often writes very detailed reports.  The records tend to be given more weight.  As an example, many clients see only their primary physicians for Fibromyalgia.  The primary physicians tend to write down the patient has Fibromyalgia and a few other words and that is all.  A rheumatologist, however, will write down all of the symptoms, tests, medications and treatments of the patient.  This may not always be the case so you have to make sure your specialist is writing and noting all of your information in the record. I have seen a specialist just list the exact same paragraph for two years in a row!

Please remember that this is just general information, and everyone’s situation is unique. This article should not be considered legal advice.

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